Zoctr Psycho-Counselling Services

Borderline Psychiatric ailments such as Anxiety, Bi-Polar Disorder, Schizophrenia, Drug Abuse and Alcoholism are highly prevalent today, especially in the urban milieu, affecting millions of Indians and lay a huge financial and emotional burden on caregivers and family members. The patient further has serious privacy concerns with respect to his/her medical condition and may not be comfortable approaching a doctor or counsellor in a hospital set-up. Home and Video based Psychotherapy is therefore a huge unmet need. Sensing this need, Zoctr has launched a series of offerings targeted at providing highly specialized Psycho-Counselling services by trained and qualified (MSW, MPhil) counsellors in the privacy of a patient’s home or over an online video chat. We further offer Palliative Care related psycho-counselling particularly for cancer and other end of life patients.


Our Psycho-Counseling At Home Service Value Proposition

  • Certified and Experienced Psycho-Counsellors
  • Counselling in the Privacy of your Home or Online
  • Convenient and Affordable Bookings with online payment options
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