Zoctr Psychiatric Care Program

Neuro-Psychiatric ailments are highly prevalent today, affecting millions of Indians, particularly in the geriatric age group, and lay a huge financial and emotional burden on caregivers and family members. Further, these conditions are typically not reversible and may need years of patient care and support. Sensing this need, Zoctr has launched a series of offerings targeted at long-term Neuro - Psychiatric Home Care and Rehabilitation from the comfort of the patient’s home.  

Psychiatric Care At Home :

Zoctr provides special support for Psychiatric Patients with its Psychiatric Care at Home Services.

  • Comprehensive Psychiatric Home Care Clinical Protocols
  • Treatment Oversight and Outcome Review by experienced Psychiatrists
  • Specialized and Trained Nurses/Attendants with experience of handling Psychiatric patients
  • Affordable Long Term Care and Support for Psychiatric patients
  • Provision of 24x7 Emergency Support
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