Zoctr Paediatric Care Services

Zoctr Paediatric Home Care Services are specifically designed to maintain optimum quality of life for children and adolescents. Our program is holistic in nature and provides physical care as well as emotional and spiritual support. Our at home Paediatric Care Service team consists of qualified, trained and specialised nurses, general physicians, paediatricians, dieticians / nutritionists etc. We also provide hospice care to medically fragile children / children born with disabilities.

Our Pediatric Care At Home Value Propostion :

  • Maximise your child's health potential allowing them and the families to be as independent as possible    
  • Monitor and Manage your child’s growth and progress
  • Provide a holistic growth environment within your home
  • Improve and Maintain a proper diet thereby increasing the nutritional value of every meal
  • Improve quality of life
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