Zoctr Mother And Child Care Services

Birth is not only about making babies, but also about making mothers. A time that should be intrinsically joyful loses its lustre when mixed with stress and exhaustion. We, at Zoctr believe that every mother deserves the best post-partum care alongwith best care of the baby and what makes it even more convenient is such care being delivered in the comfort of your home. Our comprehensive Mother and Child Care programs are carefully designed to support and nurture the mother and baby in the best way possible keeping in mind their personal sensitivities and needs. 

Mother Care Highlights :

  • Overall Postpartum Adjustment & Emotional Support
  • Lactation Counselling
  • Breast Feeding – Latch and Feeding Technique
  • New Born Characteristics Recognition and Baby Care Education
  • Episiotomy Care
  • Massage Therapy
  • Dietician Nutritional and Weight Loss Consultation

Baby Care Highlights :

  • Bathing, Diapering and Umbilical Cord Care
  • Vaccination and Immunisation
  • Soothing and Swaddling Techniques
  • Nourishing Meal Preparation and Baby Wearing
  • Burping Techniques
  • Massage Therapy
  • Health Emergency Support Management    
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