Zoctr Dietician Services

Fitness is the new fad in several urban residents look for dietician counselling services which may be required to address specific medical conditions such as cardio metabolic disorders or for general conditions such as weight loss after pregnancy, weight loss by an obese person, weight gain etc. Zoctr offers highly specialized dietician counselling services by trained and qualified (BSc. MSc. Phd) dieticians in the privacy of the patient’s home or via video consultations. Dieticians support the patient by doing an initial patient evaluation followed by developing a highly personalised diet and exercise plan and then supporting the patient by measuring weekly / monthly progress and outcomes. Dieticians are further available to talk to the treating physician of the patient and offer a solution specific to the medical condition of the patient.

Our Dietician At Home Value Proposition :

  • Certified and Experienced Dieticians
  • Counselling in the comfort of your Home or Online
  • Convenient and Affordable Bookings with online payment options
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