Elderly Home Care and Geriatric Care Services

Our Geriatric Home Care Plans consist of a multi-disciplinary team of highly skilled doctors and paramedics, specialised equipment, and round-the-clock medical support and are designed to offer comprehensive care to the elderly in the comfort of their home and in the presence of their loved ones. Our elderly care team consists of General Physicians, Specialists, Intensivists, Nursing, Physiotherapists, Dieticians, Psycho-Counsellors and Personal Care Attendants work in a holistic and seamless manner to ensure maximum patient comfort and better patient outcomes and controls.

Our Geriatric Home Care Proposition :

  • Comprehensive Geriatric Care Protocols
  • Specialised and Trained Nurses / Attendants with Geriatric Care Expertise
  • Real-Time Patient E-Health Record Access and Outcome Tracking
  • Continuous Monitoring, Medical Check-Ups, Progress Evaluations and Lab Tests
  • Provision of 24x7 Emergency Support with Emergency Escalation and Management
  • Recovery and Care in the Comfort of your home and presence of your family members 

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