Home Health Services

Zoctr leverages a Pan-India Network of over 10 cities, Advanced Medical and IT Technologies and a team of 150+ Medical/Paramedical professionals to offer high-end home health services including Doctor Home Consultations, Nursing/Attendant Homecare Services, Medical Second Opinions, Online Medical Video Consultations, Surgeries and Medical Procedures, Home Lab and Diagnostics Services, Home Pharmacy Services etc. to patients. We offer these services mainly to chronic patients with special focus on critical illnesses needing long-term rehabilitation including Cancer (Onco-Rehab and Onco-Palliative Care), Neuro-Psychiatric Disorders (Alzheimers, Parkinsons, Depression), Geriartric Disorders, Pulmonary Conditions, Orthopedic Conditions etc.

For more details, call +91 8080977977 or drop us a mail at info@zoctr.com