Recovering at Home: Home Care for Cancer Patients

Cancer Care is one of the biggest areas amenable to homecare as the patient is frail and weak and is further has low immunity and can catch multiple infections. In order to provide the best care and also avoid Hospital Acquired Infections, Home Chemotherapy, which has been practiced extensively in developing countries such as US and Australia is now becoming available in India. For Home Chemo a completely Hospital like environment has to be created where the Chemo drugs are mixed and administered taking due precaution. Full emergency support and an emergency crash cart, as well as Ambulance back-up, needs to be provided should any side effects happen.

Our Home Chemotherapy Services include :

  • Pre-Chemo Lab Panel.
  • Hydration Therapy
  • Electrolyte / Antibiotic Infusion
  • Home Chemotherapy Infusion
  • PICC Line Dressing
  • Chemo Port Flush
  • Neutropenic Care

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