Bed Ridden Care

Zoctr Bedridden Home Care Services are targeted at serious medical and post-operative / post trauma conditions applicable to bed ridden patients. Such cases require intensive patient management by highly skilled doctors, nurses / attendants, paramedics as well as provision for specialized equipment and round-the-clock emergency management support. Our Bed Ridden Home Care Services are designed to offer specialised care in the comfort of your home immediately after the in-patient/hospitalization phase is over.

Our Bed Ridden Care At Home Value Proposition :

  • Complete HDU Set-up at home including Air Beds, Monitor, Oxygen Concentrators etc.
  • Highly qualified and experienced bed-ridden care Nursing Staff to stabilize and manage patient condition as well as ensure proper bed sore, infection control and hygiene management
  • Reduced Hospital Length of Stay and Shorter Recovery Periods
  • Reduced chances of Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI)
  • Real -Time Patient eHealth Record Access and Outcome Tracking
  • Up to 50% savings on Home Care vs. Hospital Stay

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