Othopedic Home care services

Zoctr offers comprehensive management and post hospitalization / surgery home care of patients with Orthopedic Conditions (including Joint Replacement, Spinal Injuries, Fractures, Sprains, Bursitis, and Sports Injuries etc.). Zoctr plays a critical role in helping patients regain lost skills, relearn tasks and work to be independent again. Our goal – directed approach towards orthopaedic and musculoskeletal rehabilitation helps patients recover in the comfort of their home in the presence of their loved ones’.

Our tailor-made treatment plans and Ortho Care at home helps patients to:

  • Improve Balance and Regain Mobility Faster
  • Restore Physical Function and enhance basic skills needed to perform daily activities
  • Build long-term Strength and Endurance

For more details, call +91 8080977977 or drop us a mail at info@zoctr.com