Home Neurology Services

We provide comprehensive Home Neurology Services including Stroke Care as well as support for geriatric conditions such as Dementia/Alzheimer`s Care/Parkinson`s Care.

Our Stroke Care services include:

  • 5-Parameter Continuous Patient Monitoring
  • Glasgow Coma Scale / Pain Scale / Braden Scale / Other Neuro Scales Administration
  • Patient Medication
  • Patient Rehabilitation including Physiotherapy and Speech Therapy
  • Comorbidity such as Hypertension and Diabetes Management
  • Bed Sore Management
  • Prevention of Hypoxia
  • General Patient Care and Support including IV Infusions, Catheter Management, RT Feeding and Suction, Bathing, Sponging, Toileting etc.

For more details, call +91 8080977977 or drop us a mail at info@zoctr.com