Cancer Treatment at Home

For a debilitating illness like Cancer, long-term Onco-Palliative Care and Rehabilitation administered in parallel to chemotherapy and other treatment regimens play a critical role in patient recovery. Zoctr not only provides high quality cancer care at home but drastically takes away the caregivers burden by providing affordable solutions and single window management of the entire patient care and treatment follow-up plan.

 Our Cancer Home Care Propostion :

  • Comprehensive Cancer Care Clinical Protocols
  • Treatment Oversight and Outcome Review By Experienced Oncologists
  • Specialized and Trained Nurses/Attendants With Onco-Palliative Expertise
  • Advanced Expertise in Stoma Care and Trachestomy Care
  • Provision Of 24x7 Emergency Support.
  • Discounts on Laboratory & Pharmacy Services, Home Sample Pick-up & Medicine Drop
  • Home Medical Equipment Support
  • Upto 50%+ Savings On Comparative Hospitalization Costs

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