Medical Equipment Rentals

In order to enable a complete patient home solution, Zoctr offers a plethora of Home Medical Equipments on rental basis for long term/short term use. These include Air Beds, Portable ECG, Monitors, Oxygen Concentrators, Suction Pumps, Wheel Chairs, BIPAP/C-PAP Devices, Ventilators etc. We further enable Wearables based Remote Monitoring using low intensity blue tooth enabled (BLE) devices to continuously capture and remotely monitor patient vitals such as Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, Blood Glucose, SPO2, ECG Rhythm etc. All medical equipment are maintained in good condition and our technicians organize transport and installation of the medical equipment at the patient’s home as well as give usage training to the Patient/Caregiver.

Our Value Proposition :

  • Huge range of hospital grade and home use Medical Equipment
  • Hassle Free Medical Equipment Installations and User Training
  • Quick and Easy Online Medical Equipment Bookings and next day delivery
  • Convenient and Affordable Rentals

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