Physiotherapy services at home

Zoctr has a team of highly experienced, skilled and verified Physiotherapists who provide high quality, effective treatment therapies at affordable prices for various ailments in the comfort of your home. Our Physiotherapists are screened for stellar professional track record, robust medical knowledge and have a high degree of patient empathy and professionalism. 

Our Physiotherapists Are:

  • Certified and Experienced with BPT and MPT degrees
  • Adept at providing treatment in a home set-up using portable machines such as Tens. Machines, Portable Ultrasound etc. as well as hot and cold therapies
  • Adept at using novel techniques such as McKenzie to provide comprehensive patient care
  • Able to provide instant pain relief and resolution to common orthopaedic and other problems
  • Available for 45 mins shift during day hours and have cumulatively clocked more than 3,000+ Physiotherapy Man-Hours.

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