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We at Zoctr realise that nurses play a vital role in enhancing a patients healing process. Zoctr provides nurses / attendants, who take into account unique patient care needs & provide personalised care in the comfort of your homes. They are highly trained with the latest training systems and are well-resourced and fully equipped in order to ensure a fast, responsive and fully compliant service.

Our nurses / attendants,

  • Conduct comprehensive health assessments.
  • Demonstrate a high level of professionalism.
  • Possess expert skills in the treatment of existing or recurring health issues.
  • Have experience in catering to all kinds of patients, right from toddlers to the elderly, covering all their healthcare needs.
  • Are available for all services including something as simple as a dressing change to that of post op care of chronic & terminal ailments.

We provide:

  • Daily/ Monthly Nurse Visits ( 2 hrs / 6 hrs/ 12 hrs/ 24 hrs)
  • Daily/ Monthly Attendants / Ward Boy / Aaya Home visits ( 12 hrs / 24 hrs)



Zoctr provides patients the flexibility to avail various healthcare services and pay for them as and when they need it. Zoctr utilizes a highly skilled team of doctors, paramedics, specialized equipment and round-the-clock medical support to offer comprehensive care in the comfort of your home in the presence of your loved ones. The unique Zoctr model combines a multi-disciplinary team of general physicians, specialists, intensivists, nursing, physiotherapists, dieticians, psycho-counselors and personal care attendants that work in a holistic and seamless manner to ensure maximum patient comfort and better patient outcomes and control.

Our Professionals,

  • Provide preventive, curative and rehabilitative healthcare services.
  • Conduct comprehensive health diagnostics & assessments.
  • Demonstrate a high level of professionalism and are committed to providing quality services.
  • Consist of multi-speciality experts with extensive domain knowledge in treatment of various health related issues and engage with individuals, families, and communities.
  • Are multi-disciplinary experts and cater to all categories of patients.


Zoctr offers a wide network of multi – disciplinary / multi – specialty doctors consisting of Senior Consulting Physicians and practitioners all over the country. A Zoctr doctor supports patients in various ways with deep intensive & care expertise.

  • Visits patients needing home care services on behalf of Zoctr.
  • Refer Patients needing home care services to Zoctr.
  • Acts as treating physician and provide oversight to Zoctr Medical Staff & Patient Treatment.
  • Sit on Zoctr Advisory Medical Panel.


When it comes to getting back on your feet you want to put yourself in the hands of those who really know what they’re doing. We at Zoctr, get right to the heart of the issue to help you improve the quality of your life. We are here to provide you with a team of highly experienced and skilled physiotherapists, providing high quality, value for money & effective treatments to various ailments. We also provide one time visits for short term injuries like sprains, twists etc.

One can receive a full consultation with an expert physiotherapist which includes relevant medical history and a physical examination to determine the most appropriate treatment. All our specialists are attentive and empathetic practitioners, as well as clinical experts who provide relief at the comfort of one’s home.