Zoctr is India's Leading Home Healthcare & Patient Engagement Company that integrates various home health services including Home ICU Set-up, Home Nursing Services, Home Attendant Services, Elderly Care Services, Babycare Services, Home Doctor & Physiotherapy Visits and Medical Equipment Rentals to provide end-to-end patient care across Critical and Chronic long-term conditions such as Oncology, Neurology, Psychiatry, Cardiac Diseases, Orthopaedic Conditions, Hepato/Nephro Diseases, Respiratory Diseases and Geriatrics. Our home health operations span across Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru and Pune and we have successfully served 5000+ homecare patients through a team of 1000+ Qualified, Trained and Verified Home Healthcare Professionals including Nurses, Attendants, Baby Care/NICU Care Nurses and Nannies.

Home Healthcare is slated to be a Rs. 12,000 Crore plus market growing at a rate of 30%+ CAGR and is emerging as one of the most promising industry segments within healthcare. With the advent of superior Medical Technology, Portable Medial Equipment, Home Monitoring Devices, Point of Care Diagnostics and sophisticated Information Technology systems, home care is no longer a distant dream but a reality for the patient. Among other things home healthcare offers several key benefits leading to more pro-activeness and better control of health outcomes.


“To create India’s No. 1 Home & Tele Healthcare Company that leverages a unique, disruptive and fully integrated Home & Telehealth Business Model, Advanced Remote Monitoring & Intervention Medical Technologies, a Leading Edge Patient Platform & Mobile Application, Deep Medical Treatment, Supportive & Palliative Care Expertise and an experienced Management Team to deliver highly personalized, technology led, accessible and affordable healthcare solutions to patients in the comfort of their homes and on-the-go thereby improving overall patient treatment compliance and health outcomes and dramatically reducing healthcare costs”

Who Are We

Zoctr Health Pvt. Ltd. is a first-of-its kind, leading Pan India Home Health & Patient Engagement company with over 5000 Homecare patients successfully served, a team of 1000+ Healthcare Professionals and home healthcare operations across Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and Pune. We offer home health services for Chronic, Critical/Post-Acute/ICU, Post-Operative and Terminal patients. We support patients with chronic long-term conditions such as Oncology, Neurology, Psychiatry, Cardiac Diseases, Orthopaedic Conditions, Hepato/Nephro Diseases, Respiratory Diseases and Geriatrics. We further provide long term care to elderly patients with Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and other Geriatric conditions as well as Baby Care, NICU and Nanny support. Services we offer include setting up a Home ICU/HDU (High Dependency Unit) at patient’s home and offering round-the-clock Doctor, Home Nursing Services, Home Attendant Services and Patient Remote Monitoring Services. We also aid patients in other value added services such as Medical Equipment Rentals, Physiotherapy, Diet Counselling, Psycho Counselling, Home Pharmacy/Lab Support etc.

Zoctr is a clear services innovator with a disruptive and unique Health-On-Demand business model and the aspiration of creating India’s First and Largest, Highly Scaled, Fully Integrated, Technology led, Home & Telehealthcare Company servicing 500,000+ Indians in 5 years. We have further launched the Zoctr Home Care Services Discovery and Booking Mobile App Version 3.0 which is available on iOS/App Store and Google Playstore. The App was rated among the Top 5 Healthcare Apps by Business Standard in Jan, 2018 and comes with several enhanced functionality including real-time home care bookings and confirmation, patient / staff geo tagging, location and skills matching algorithm, GPS Tracking, online payments, renewals, service holds, feedback, customer ratings etc. We are further working on creating a database of 10,000+ Nurses, Attendants and Blue Collar workers, the highest such pool on a Pan India basis, within this quarter. We believe that the App will capture a significant portion of the home health demand aggregation in major metros.

Key Patient Benefits of Zoctr Homecare Services

  • Optimum model for Post-Operative / Chronic Conditions requiring long term care
  • Optimum model for Palliative Care and Terminal Care
  • Increased Patient Comfort & Convenience
  • Better Patient Emotional Coping and Recovery
  • Reduced Hospital Days (Length of Stay)
  • Reduced Chances of Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI) / Nosocomial Infections
  • Reduced Hospital Waiting Times
  • Reduced Hospitalization Incidence
  • Reduced Healthcare Expenditure, savings of 50%+ from comparative hospital costs

With the Zoctr App and Technology leverage, Zoctr adds the following benefits:

  • Instant Home Services Discovery and Booking using the Zoctr iOS/Android App
  • Online Booking Management including New Bookings, Renewal, Stop, Hold
  • Online Payment using Payment Link, Wallets (Paytm/Payu etc.)
  • Real-time Geo Mapping, Staff Geo Tracking and Feedback
  • Patient Wireless Remote Monitoring and Vitals Tracking