About Us

Zoctr is India's First Healthcare Aggregator Platform that integrates various health services including Doctor/ Healthcare Professional Appointments, Home Health Services, Telehealth Services, Remote Monitoring Services, Laboratory, Pharmacy, Medical Equipment and Ambulatory Support.


“To create India’s No. 1 Home & Tele Healthcare Company that leverages a unique, disruptive and fully integrated Home & Telehealth Business Model, Advanced Remote Monitoring & Intervention Medical Technologies, a Leading Edge Patient Platform & Mobile Application, Deep Medical Treatment, Supportive & Palliative Care Expertise and an experienced Management Team to deliver highly personalized, technology led, accessible and affordable healthcare solutions to patients in the comfort of their homes and on-the-go thereby improving overall patient treatment compliance and health outcomes and dramatically reducing healthcare costs”

Who Are We

Zoctr Health Network is a first-of-its kind pan-India Home & Telehealth Company that provides a comprehensive portfolio of home based medical services including long term Intensive Care, Chronic Care & Wellness, Corporate Wellness and Health Check-up programs and other subscription based value added services such as Teleconsulting, Home Laboratory Pick-ups, Home/Online Pharmacy and Emergency Management Support to its customers leveraging a proprietary, fully integrated and technology led business model.

Home Healthcare is slated to be a Rs. 12000 Crore plus market growing at a rate of 30%+ CAGR and is emerging as one of the most promising industry segments within healthcare. With the advent of superior Medical Technology, Portable Medial Equipment, Home Monitoring Devices, Point of Care Diagnostics and sophisticated Information Technology systems, home care is no longer a distant dream but a reality for the patient. Among other things home healthcare offers several key benefits leading to more pro-activeness and better control of health outcomes.

Zoctr is a clear services innovator with a disruptive and unique Health-On-Demand business model and the aspiration of creating India’s First and Largest, Highly Scaled, Fully Integrated, Technology led, Home & Telehealthcare Company servicing 500,000+ Indians in 5 years. Zoctr’s proprietary Health Program Designs leveraging a multi-disciplinary team of General Physicians, Specialists & Super Specialists, Intensivists, Paramedics, Dieticians, Physiotherapists, Psychological Counselors and other experts with comprehensive medical protocols and precise timetables, preventive as well as holistic focus lead to superior health outcomes which in turn means a DISEASE FREE YOU!

Key Patient Benefits

  • Lower Waiting Times
  • Increased Patient Comfort & Convenience
  • Reduced Hospitalization Incidence
  • Reduced Hospital Days (Length Of Stay)
  • Reduced Chances of Nosocomial Infections
  • Reduced Healthcare Expenditure

With technology leverage, we can further add benefits of:

  • Patient Wireless Remote Monitoring
  • Health & Progress Tracking
  • Patient Electronic Health Records with anywhere/anytime access
  • Patient Teleconsulting/Skype Based Consulting